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What is a Stove Cover and a Noodle Board?

A noodle board is a type of Stove Top Cover that does exactly that - it protects your stove and provides an aesthetically appealing appearance to your stove. Gone are the days of old looking stoves - it's time to reinvent your kitchen!

Why is it called a Noodle Board?

This is perhaps the most popular question we get in regards to Noodle Boards. We have done some digging, and from what we can come up with - Noodle Boards were originally thought to be used for cutting noodles. Just like a cutting board is used, apparently this board was originally used to cut noodles. Now, these boards are obviously no longer used for cutting or use but more so decoration.

Is a Stove Cover Safe?

Absolutely! Stove Covers are completely safe if used correctly. That means not putting them over stoves that in use or just recently in use. This is ofcourse wood and wood should not be exposed to heat for it may catch on fire. We know this is extremely obvious but it must be stated to never put our wooden stove covers ontop of an actively turned on stove. Please allow 30-50 minutes before you put one of our boards on top of a recently turned off stove.

What are the Sizes Available?

We currently have one main size which is used for just about all stoves across the United States. Our boards measure approximately 21" x 30". Of course, we understand that there are exceptions and for those exceptions we ask that you contact us to see if we can accommodate a board for your specific stove.

What is a Stove Cover Board made out of?

Our Stove Burner Covers are made out of authentic Cabinet Grade Plywood. Our wood is sourced from the United States and used for high quality projects that we build from Cabinets to Bedframes and now - Noodle Boards! We do not sacrifice on quality and use only the finest wood for your stove burner covers!

Can your boards be used as a Burner Cover?

Yes! Our boards cover your entire stove generally (99% of stoves) and thus will cover your burners as well. They can act as a protector for your burners when not in use and also can hold kitchen items on top of it as well. Choose from our selected stains and make your kitchen stand out!

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